Electrical Dept. Imports The Following Items

Power cables, wires & Jointing Materials - Transformers - Switchgears Switchboards -KWH Meter -Alkaline Batteries - Charges - Generators - Electrical Water Boilers - Turbines - Bare Conductors - Overhead Lines Material - Measuring & Checking Instruments - Telephone Cables - Telecommunication Equipment - Electrical Fans - Lamps - Lighting Fittings - Wiring Accessories - Electrical Motors & Household.

Electrical Contracting Dept. Complete & Taking Part of The Following

JOBS: Wiring for all buildings - hospitals - Airports - Underground Laying Cables - Submarine Cables - Overhead Lines Project - Street Lighting Project - Generators Installations - H.T & L.V Substations & Turnkey Projects, etc.

Mechanical Dept. Import, Installation, Commissioning & Maintaining The Following

All sorts of heavy and light duty machinery for Workshops, Factories, Garages, etc. Diesel Generators and all sorts of Pumps and Valves, Marine Vessels, Sports and Pleasure Boats, Commercial Freight Ships, Ferry Boats, Tugs, Floating Cranes, Gentry Cranes, Earth Moving Machinery like wheel loaders, Bulldozers, Rollers and Asphalt, Chlorinators and Distillation Plant , Pipes & Fittings, Storage Equipment, Water Meters, Transport Units, Trucks & Trailers, Ambulances & Cars, Municipality Trucks, Balances, Compressors, Gas Turbine, Surface Treatment Equipment, etc.

Scientific Instruments Dept. Import, Installation, Commissioning & Maintaining The Following

Electronic & optical Instrumentation for all kinds of Scientific Research, Medical Electronic Hospital Equipments. E.g. ICU, CCU, General Laboratory Supply.

Educational Dept. Imports & Completes The Following Supplies

All requirements of Modern Educational and Arts Supplies, Embroidery, Stationary and Educational Instruments, Training Workshops, Printing Machinery & Tools.

Paper & Converters Dept. Imports The Following Items

All sorts of paper & boards for printing, photo-copying, and all kinds of converts like empty bags. cartons, Packets Water cups and plates, shelf adhesive labels, stamps, computer stationary cards, teleprompting rolls & tapes, Envelopes, etc.

Ready-made Garments and Accessories Dept. Imports The Following Items

Supplies of all sorts of uniforms / costumes for boys and girls, Policemen and Ministry dresses, Accessories and Shoes, Camping requirements and Sports Articles.

Chemicals & Allied Dept. Imports the Following Items

All sort of heavy industrial & petrochemicals analytical reagents, refrigerants, iron oxides and chromium oxide pigments pharmaceutical chemicals & medicines, hospitals requirements, furniture, surgical dressings & first aids, plastic raw materials, tarpaulins, all type of ropes & bags etc.

Civil Contracting Dept

Represents international firms for construction of substations houses, mosques, schools, hospitals, airports, highways, bridges, etc. All international construction projects & industrial plants and factories, and this Department arrange for subcontracting and handling local constructions and supplies engineering assistance for all above mentioned.

Building Materials: Steel

Angle / Fat / Deformed / Reinforcing & Round Bars , Galvanized Sheets , Hallow Steel Sections , U-Channels l Tees , Window Section Profiles , Stainless Steel Strips , IPN (I-Beams). Sulphate Resisting Cements, Ordinary Gray Portland cement. Plywood: Lauan Plywood, Doors, Lumber core Plywood, Decorative & Teak Faced Plywood, Paper Overlaid Plywood, Redwood ( Kaput & Keruing ), White Wood.

Oil Field Equipment

Supplies of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Tube Bundles, Tube Sheets, Floating Head Vessels, Channel Head Barrels, Rod Baffles, Test Rings, Lube Oil Coolers, Flanges, Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes & Pipes, Teflon Tapes, Transformer Fans.