Med-Tech Division is run by a group of highly trained specialist in the filed of health and laboratory operations and services.

Our sales and service group consists of well trained professionals stationed in Kuwait, Holders of University Degrees in different sectors of lab, Medical& Analytical Supplies. Because we believe that the secret of successful marketing is the after sales service. We have a good servicing team and this division is considered the back-up service part of the sales group. It is operated by a highly trained engineers & professionals of different lines of Engineering: Electron Microscopy, Lasers, Optics, Electronics, and Mechanical & Refrigeration. Our success story in Kuwait is very well known and is obtained by our gained trust from our customers through confidence and after sales and service of years.


Laboratory Chemical Reagents
DNA Workstation
Data Acquisition
Photosynthesis system
Research and Laboratory Balance
HPLC and Spectrophotometer
Elemental Analysis Systems
Refrigerator/ Freezers
Microscopes systems

Upright, Inverted, Confocal, Super Resolution, Stereomicroscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, Students microscope.

Animal Handling products

Cages, Racks, Bottles, Feed, bedding and all kind of disposables

Major Projects

Supply/ Installation/ maintenance of Remotely operationable Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with Elemental Analysis and Cryo attachment- Kuwait University

Laser Confocal Microscope on Inverted and Upright Microscope - Kuwait University

Atomic Force Microscope - Kuwait University


  • All Kinds of microscopy
  • All types of laboratory Consumables
  • Lab Setup and Consultations